Thursday, March 22, 2018

Postcard from the living.

Four seasons have come and passed us again.

Our kids have grown lankier, funnier, more creative. 

We’re still here.

I dreamt last night of the baby I lost and today I so dearly wanted to call you to talk about her.

But you are gone.

There’s an ache in my throat that just won’t go away.

You are gone. 

You are gone.

We’re still here.

Piecing ourselves back together after The Shattering.

One year on.

The Missing, it stings.

Even when The Living is sweet.

Wishing you were here Rach. 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Follow the light.

Last night I ventured out to Enlighten for a night photography class with Penny Koukoulas Photography.
The class was a birthday gift from my husband and it was such tremendous fun, (thanks Husband, I think I’ll keep you).

It was the perfect autumn evening for our little group to wander about the parliamentary triangle and snap away at the illuminated iconic buildings. I’d always felt intimidated by night photography but Penny’s teaching style really set me at my ease. Ten minutes into the class I’d forgotten to be nervous and was simply enjoying myself, by the end of the two hours I was well and truly hooked. is a taste of what I captured last night. Enjoy!

The National Library.

The National Portrait Gallery.

The National Gallery of Australia.


Museum of Democracy (Old Parliament House).

xx Em.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Pretty in Pink

There have been so many devastating and despairing events around the world that have made me want to hide away, switch off and press mute for a good long while. 

I acknowledge how privileged my life is at the moment. I have the ability to take that step back when things feel overwhelming and recharge in a safe, comforting space. I wish everyone could do so when they needed to. 

Last week I created a small, quiet, feminine space that is just for me. 
A little library, pretty in pink, softened with a new rug, some curtains and handmade art. It’s a good spot to curl up with a book and some tea. The canvas is the first painting I’ve done in many years. A simple abstract that was so enjoyable to make. Husband took one look and said it reminded him of a galah that had been run over...the boys said it looked like beautiful clouds at sunset. I think I’ll take the latter compliment and ditch the critic’s observation. I’d like to add a few more pot plants and pop some framed botanical prints on the walls but overall I’m so happy with how it’s turned out.

I like how the space feels a lot less like a walkway out to the garden and more like a place that makes you want to stop and stay awhile. 

Seeking the slow life.

xx Em

Monday, January 29, 2018

Eden Escape

We’re home from a lovely long weekend at our friends beach house in Eden.
A few days immersed in salty air and water have recharged our batteries, leaving us ready to face the first week of the new school year. Cocora Beach was as beautiful as ever...calm and quiet save for a few raucous seagulls. We spent Friday afternoon swimming in the shallows.

Both boys are competent swimmers now and loved learning how to body surf in the teeny waves that seemed to sigh rather than crash into the shore...although they seemed to think they were monster waves that elicited squeals of excitement with each approach. 

On Saturday, after another morning at the beach, we lunched at the Seahorse Inn on the opposite side of the harbour and explored Quarantine Bay on the way home. We came across the largest stingrays I’d ever seen in the wild. They were feeding on the fish offcuts tossed back into the water by fisherman. It was fascinating to watch. Jack was keen to befriend the older boys fishing off the boat ramp, eagerly helping one chap with his catch of mullet. He so desperately wanted to be like the big kids and seemed so little and next to them.

In the afternoon Shannon napped and I curled up with a book and a glass of wine, listening to Harry tinkling on the piano and Jack in the garden vainly attempting to catch a lizard. 

Dinner Saturday night was at Drift in Snug Cove. 
We hadn’t tried it before but it’s a confirmed favourite now! The decor and atmosphere were fun and family friendly, with a view looking onto the wharf. The boys settled on mini cheeseburgers and fries while the Husband and I indulged in the house platter and a dozen oysters, half Kilpatrick and half Chilli, Ginger and Lime. They were utterly, UTTERLY divine, washed down with a refreshing mojito and glass of rose.

Sunday’s drive home along winding country roads was a bit of a revelation to me. I’d always thought the rolling green hills around Candelo were pretty but it struck us for the first time that it was the area and community we both want to eventually move to. Finally we can put a location into our long term dream. Hurrah! 

Normally we would drive straight through the tiny town as it’s not very far from Eden, but this time we stopped for coffee at the Candelo General Store and Cafe and I’m so glad we did. It’s utterly gorgeous and serves the best coffee and cake.

I’m always so completely chuffed (though never surprised) whenever I come across vibrant, thriving hubs in  rural communities. 

This long weekend was such a lovely way to round out the school holidays, time to dive back into the fray of school and routine. 

xx Em